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RF-3005D Adjustable DC Power Supply


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Description RF-3005D RF4/3005PRO Power Supply:

RF-3005D 30V 5A 150W Adjustable Digital LCD Display Intelligent DC Power Supply. 110V/220V Multi-function Adjustable DC Power Supply for Phone Motherboard Soldering Repair, Factory, Laboratory, University and Laptop Maintenance, Electronic Production Line, ect.

RF-3005D Power Supply 150W is a mechanical meter with automatic range a/mA switching, and the voltage and current are continuously adjusted within the standard value. It has high precision, high reliability and complete overload protection circuit, which is an idea for the industry.


Voltage Adjustment: Turn the “V” knob directly adjusts the output voltage. Press “V” knob successively and the corresponding voltage adjustment light level indicator flashes. Select the voltage you want to adjust and turn the “V” knob to quickly get the voltage you want to adjust.

Current regulation: Turn directly “A” knob adjusts the output current. Press “A” knob successively, and the corresponding current regulation level indicator light flashes. Select the current level you want to adjust and turn the “A” knob to quickly get the current value you want to adjust.

Unlock/Lock function: Press the “V” knob, wait until the lock indicator turns on, enter the lock state, at this time except the power switch button, all buttons and knobs are in the failure state; long press “V” knob to wait for the lock indicator to turn off and unlock the status; All keys and knobs return to normal function.

Numeric storage key storage: Long press one of the four storage keys, press the “go” button to trigger a short “drop”, do not let go, you can store voltage, current and current single inch/continuous overcurrent/direct current simultaneously. Remind: short press the store key (release immediately when you hear “drop”), you can recall the value stored by the last key, which is convenient and fast.

USB fixed output: This USB interface, fixed output 5 v2a. It can power mobile phones or other 5V devices.

Continuous overcurrent protection: Press the continuous overcurrent protection button once (less than 1 second and hear the prompt “drop” for a short sound), the continuous overcurrent protection warning light stays on long to enter the continuous overcurrent protection state. This function is the most commonly used working protection mode and can automatically return to the power state after overcurrent protection.

Single over-current protection: Press the over-current protection button once (less than 1 second, you can send it when you hear the prompt signal), and the one-time over-current protection indicator will enter the single-over-current protection state when it is lit for a long time. This feature is suitable for faulty circuits that cannot withstand multiple current surges. After single overcurrent protection, the indicator flashes, displays the overcurrent value, and flashes without power supply output until the single overcurrent protection button is pressed again and the function restarts.

Constant voltage mode: Press the constant current and constant voltage mode key once (less than 1 second, you can send it when you hear the prompt signal), and the constant current indicator will be constant to enter single overcurrent protection state. At this time, except mA/A current, switch key, constant voltage constant current and voltage and current knob, other buttons are in fault state, and this function is suitable for fault circuits that cannot withstand multiple current surges.

Output press: Once to control the output power.

Constant voltage switching function: You can switch 5V, 8.4V, 15V voltage values ​​in daily work and press this button once to switch to the next value (only switch between 5V, 8.4V, and 15V values).

Safety Guides:

The cooling fan usually does not work; It starts automatically when the temperature stabilizes.

Do not block or isolate the machine’s air inlet and fan vents.

Avoid serious collisions or misuses that may damage the machine.

Keep the machine away from static electricity.

Non-professionals cannot disassemble the machine.

AC input voltage (optional): 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz.

Connect the protective ground wire to the ground to avoid electric shock.

Fuse model corresponding to fuse model: 220V/5A; 110V/ 10A.

Please make sure you are using the correct fuse model before starting.

To prevent fire, replace a fuse that meets the model and rating.

Do not plug in the power cord before replacing the fuse to avoid electric shock.

Determine the cause of the blown fuse before replacing it.

Package includes:

1pcs RF4 DC power supply

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RF-3005D Adjustable DC Power Supply
RF-3005D Adjustable DC Power Supply


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