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MECHANIC MC75T-B1 .7-4.5X Trinocular Stereo Microscope With LED Light & Lens 0.5x

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Mechanic MC75T-B1 7X-45X industrial grade trinocular zoom stereo microscope for mobile phone soldering repair, High quality large wide-angle trinocular stereo microscope with HD camera for iPhone mobile phone maintenance

Mechanic MC75T-B1 7X-45X Industrial Trinocular Stereo Microscope For Phone Maintenance

Product Features : 

Good pixels, high resolution, deep field, long working distance makes operation convenient and comfortable, CPU can connect to the external display

Large base plate, convenient for a series of work, will not lose parts, the base plate size is 195x256x20cm

LED lights can adjust the brightness, low power and safety, the inner size is 60mm, the input voltage is AC901-240V, the output power is 4.5W, the light color is white, the number of bulbs is 56pcs

Can be external work, the eyepiece is clearer, the operation is easier

Product Description : 

High-definition optical objective lens: manufactured by precision craftsmanship, high-definition coating objective lens, pure copper lens barrel; no glare, clear picture, not letting go of every detail.

High field of view, FMC antireflection coating, high light transmittance, high refractive index, lens diameter of 25mm, clear imaging, no vignetting.

0.4X CTV interface: The newly upgraded electronic eyepiece, the imaging is clearer than the ordinary TV interface, and the field of view is wider.

0.7-4.5X continuous zoom: optical system, continuous zoom with large magnification, the image is sharp without distortion, and high definition; it can correctly focus on the sample with a large concave and convex surface, so as to obtain a three-dimensional image.

Focusing knob: The focusing gear bar is made of metal material, which is durable, and the precise focusing with magnification makes the image more clear.

High-definition coated dust-proof mirror: Double-sided high-definition coated dust-proof mirror, which can effectively prevent dust, smoke, oil, etc. from entering the interior and causing blurred images to ensure good light transmittance without affecting imaging.

High-brightness LED light: Using high-brightness LED cold light source, the color temperature is constant, close to natural light, and the brightness is stable. Equipped with a stepless adjuster, the brightness can be adjusted freely to provide adequate lighting for maintenance technicians.

Multi-angle use: add fixed rod height-limiting accessories, which can fix the height, and the microscope can be rotated 360 degrees freely.

Product Specification : 

Item Name: Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Brand: Mechanic

Model: MC751-B1

Magnification: 7X-45X (optional: 2.1X-180X)

Eyepiece: High eye point large field eyepiece WF10X / 20mm ( optional: 20X / 20mm )

Zoom Objective: 0.7X-4.5X

Viewing head: Binocular head Inclined at 45 degrees, Continuous magnification objective lens 0.7X-4.5X, interpupillary distance 54-76mm, bilateral visibility adjustable

Working distance: 100mm (effective distance), select auxiliary objective, which can be extended to 30mm-287mm

Auxiliary objective lens: 0.3X/287mm, 0.5X/165mm, 0.7X/120mm, 2X/30mm, 1.5X 45mm

Focusing bracket: The tightness of the focusing handwheel can be adjusted, lifting range is 50mm

Base Plate Size: 195*256*20mm

LED Lightsource: inner diameter 60mm, Voltage: AC 90-240V, Power: 4.5W, Light bulb: 56pcs

Package List : 

1 x Microscope Head

1 x Dust-proof Mirror

1 x Microscope Stand

1 x Microscope Base

1 x LED Light

2 x Auxiliary Objective Lens

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MECHANIC MC75T-B1 .7-4.5X Trinocular Stereo Microscope With LED Light & Lens 0.5x
MECHANIC MC75T-B1 .7-4.5X Trinocular Stereo Microscope With LED Light & Lens 0.5x


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