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RELIFE RL-404S Solder Paste Lead-free138C


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RELIFE RL- 404s 138°C Low Temperature Lead Free Solder Paste Customized for High Quality Motherboard for Motherboard Repair

Solder Paste is a no-clean solder paste made from a blend of high-purity, non-recycled tin, silver and copper metal powder mixed with a no-clean flux. This halogen-free and lead-free solder paste is designed for extreme flux activity and the enhanced printing requirements of ultra-fine pitch applications. It provides excellent wetting on copper OSP-coatings. Wide reflow process windows combined with high thermal stability yield solder joints with smooth surfaces.

RELIFE RL-404S is the best lead-free solder paste for facilitating high speed printing. It can yield brick-like prints even when using ultra-fine pitch stencils as small as 0.3 mm.

Function RELIFE RL-404S Solder Paste:

Paste Type Syringes
No Cleaning/Easy Staining/No Residue/Free 3 Different Specification Needles + Blaster
138℃ Low Syringe Paste temperature
Low temperature lead-free solder paste suitable for high-end motherboard repair machine
Suitable for sensors, cables, motors, fuses, connectors, metal shells, lighting, electronic components, SMT repair, tin planting BGA chip etc.
Dispenser evenly/high purity/fine viscosity/syringe design
Syringe type paste, welding is not waste , more precise, and the sealing cap can be reused after use.
Gift + needle + putter
It comes with narrow mouth
Application of precision soldering
Cutting in vulgarity
Suitable for large and meticulous tin
Cut on an angle
Used for different working angles
The thinness is good and the application is more even
Good wettability, fine paste
Clear and full solder joints
No false welding, few residues, bright solder joints, strong tin climbing, good conductivity, oxidation resistance, no corrosion to PCB, no cleaning
Wide range of applications
Suitable for sensors, wires, motors, fuses, connectors, metal shells, lighting, electronic components, SMT patches, BGA soldering, chip soldering, LED patches etc.

RELIFE RL-404S Solder Paste:


Solder Paste Lead-free

138C Low Temperature

10CC Tin Liquid BGA Soldering Fluxes

Rework Repair Welding Flux Paste

Application is household tool set. Type is combination. Diya supplies is electrical. Origin is cn (origin).

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RELIFE RL-404S Solder Paste Lead-free138C
RELIFE RL-404S Solder Paste Lead-free138C


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